Phoenix Rising Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc., established in December 2009, was conceived out of our love for all animals, particularly horses.

This spark was ignited through the operation of Spruce Meadow Farm where we have been devoted to the cause of horses and teaching children to love, care for and ride them.

Over the years we have rescued and cared for many of our beloved horses “out-of-pocket.”  We wanted to make sure that these rescue horses, such as Chubby, Sparkles, Kismet, Riley, Molly and others, will continue to be happy, comfortable and have a home for life. Many rescue horses have benefited from our program of rescuing horses and finding them new, productive roles or offering them sanctuary and care.

With this experience behind us, we have developed Phoenix Rising Equine Rescue, dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of rescue horses, based on the same love and dedication that has made the farm a success. We invite you to stop by at any time to visit our rescue horses and to learn about horse sanctuaries and horse rescuing.

6 Responses to “About”

  • Shannon Celmer on September 25, 2011

    I love Buddy sooo much and would do anythng for him, and when he is trained im going to buy him!!!!! 🙂

  • Melinda on February 8, 2012

    I admire you for the work that you do with horses. I only wish that everyone felt the same about horses that we do. People do terrible things to horses and other animals, why I will never understand. One day that man will be judged on how he treated his animals.

    So many times, parents rush out and buy their kids horses, and they have no idea what it takes to take care of a horse. Soon they feel overwhelmed by the whole process and it becomes an un-wanted horse. People should really do their research before buying a horse so that they fully understand, horse ownership is not all fun and games.

  • Susan Allen on May 6, 2014

    I am a teacher and will be out of school by mid-June. I have been around horses most of my 60+ years and would be happy to offer you time and labor for your rescuees if you are still in need. I have worked in barns in NE and Ohio and have ridden and shown, although the showing was many years ago. Feel free to contact me if you have a need and think an “old horse person” could be of assistance.

  • Ali Crapo on May 14, 2014

    the rescue has given me along with many others the opportunity to for indescribably perfect relationships with horses that we other wise wouldn’t have been able too. most of my best friends have come too the farm through the rescue including Zena, Dixie & my soulmate, Tinkerbell. thank you guys so much for doing what you are doing and always remember when times get tough that you are making a huge difference for so many! I love you guys so much!

  • Bridget Pratt on February 28, 2016

    Was wondering adoption fees for the horses available?

  • admin on March 9, 2016

    Hi Bridget, the adoption fees vary from $150 to $1500. They are negotiable and depend on the horse and the situation.

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