Age: 10+

Sex: Mare

Size: Approximately 15h

Color: Black, star & snip

Good for Farrier: Yes

Health: No known issues

Notes: Gypsy recently completed 30 days of training and continues schooling to keep her ready to go to a new home.  She is a sensitive horse who has standards for how she expects to be treated, but treat her right and she is a willing partner who would love to be your new friend.  She can be defensive with new people and requires a relaxed rider, so no beginners for this mare.  Tip for when you come to visit…you’ll earn major bonus points with this one if you have treats to share.  


I’m Gypsy, and my tale began when I arrived at the rescue as a beautiful black mare, just 7 years old. However, the pages of my life had already been filled with the ink of uncertainty, as I had moved through five different homes during the initial seven years of my life. 

By the time I found myself at the rescue, tension and defensiveness clung to me like a shadow, and trust felt like a distant concept.  Each change of residence had left its mark, shaping me into a creature of guarded uncertainty. I stood there, uncertain of who to trust, my spirit tangled in the web of past disappointments.

Now, as I navigate the landscape of my newfound sanctuary, I long for the day when someone will look into my eyes and recognize the echoes of my past.  My heart yearns for a connection that goes beyond the surface, where trust can bloom once again, painting a brighter future filled with understanding and compassion.

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