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horse eating


Good nutrition is essential for a horse’s recovery & rehabilitation.

Your gift will provide a horse with the food they need to regain health you are fulfilling the most basic need of a horse entering rescue!

Food For 1 Week       $50
Food For 1 Month     $225

Horse Hoof Care


Regular hoof care is critical to a
horse’s health. A typical horse
weighs around 1000 pounds and
supports all of its weight on four
tiny feet. Their feet need to be
trimmed every six weeks

Your gift will provide a horse with healthy, pain-free feet.

Hoof Care 1 Time      $50
Hoof Care-1 Year      $425
Hoof Care-Shoes      $175

sleeping horsse


No horse should have to sleep on bare floors, stand in manure and urine, or breathe ammonia fumes.

Your gift will provide a horse with a dry, clean, odor-free living space. Additionally, it will help keep their
hooves dry and healthy

Bedding For 1 Week      $15
Bedding For 1 Month     $60

veterinary care


With rescue horses we encounter many different health issues and access to timely intervention is essential. The horses sometimes need immediate assessment and treatment. Sometimes they have a condition that requires surgery. At the minimum they need an initial evaluation and vaccines.

Your gift will provide a horse with the necessary medical care that
they need to return to good health

Vaccinations For 1 Horse        $150
1yr Dental Care For 1 Horse    $125
Minor Surgery                          $1200

sleeping horsse


In returning a horse to health, it is of the utmost importance that they
receive the necessary supplements and wormer. Tucker, above, is enjoying his mineral block. Even something as simple as a salt block can help restore a horses’ health.

Your gift will provide a horse with the vital supplements it needs to return to full health.

1 Tube of wormer                         $18
5 Blocks Mineral Salt                   $60
1mo Supplements for 1 Horse  $125

New Barn Addition

Expansion of our main barn will
provide a rescue horse with
desperately needed sanctuary. A
replacement for the rundown,
worn-out front barn has become
an urgent necessity.

Your gift will provide a horse with a
secure, dry place to live in safety.

Mats For 1 Horses’ Stall        $500
Door For 1 Stall                     $1200
Build a Stall For 1 Horse       $4300

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