hungry rescue horse

Breed: Standardbred

Age: 21

Sex: Gelding



Good for Farrier: Yes


Notes: Cooper 


I’m Cooper, and my journey teetered on the edge of despair before a glimmer of hope intervened.  The countdown had begun, with just a couple of days left before I was destined for a fate no horse should face—slaughter. I found myself at a place called Before the End of The Line, a name that echoed my ominous reality.

My loyal companion, Dillinger, and I had known hard work and dedication as racehorses for our owners. But when victories turned into losses, we were cast away to auction, the starting point of a tragic cycle.

The Amish picked us up to pull carts along unforgiving concrete roads. Eventually, the strain became too much, and we were replaced by younger, stronger horses. A second trip to auction led us into the hands of a “kill buyer”.  Just as despair seemed inevitable, fate stepped in. Before the End of The Line became our saving grace, offering us a reprieve from the darkness.

With just a week left, the call for help reached compassionate ears, and thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors, a trip was made to ‘bail” us out. 

Now, Dillinger and I stand together with a second chance at life—a life free from worries, filled with the warmth of love and care. The kindness that reached out to us in our darkest hour is a beacon of hope that will forever light our path.

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