Trixie has a new job as a babysitter/companion to a beautiful 5-year-old mare that is rehabbing from a serious leg injury. Having a companion will keep her more settled and content. When she is alone she gets much wilder, running and bucking. Trixie will help keep her more “chilled out” and calm so that she doesn’t re-injure herself. Good luck with your new job Trixie! 🍀❤️

Breed: Quarter Horse Pony

Age: 20

Sex: Mare

Size: 14h

Color: Bay, star & snip

Good for Farrier: Yes

Health: No known issues

Notes: Gypsy recently completed 30 days of training and continues schooling to keep her ready to go to a new home.  She is a sensitive horse who has standards for how she expects to be treated, but treat her right and she is a willing partner who would love to be your new friend.  She can be defensive with new people and requires a relaxed rider, so no beginners for this mare.  Tip for when you come to visit…you’ll earn major bonus points with this one if you have treats to share.  

Trixie is looking for her special partner and forever home. Although very talented, she needs to find herself a confident and experienced partner.  Trixie was previously mishandled, which contributed to a tendency for her to be opinionated and bold.⠀⠀⠀⠀

Very often horses that come to the rescue are not the bombproof, child and husband safe horses that most people are looking for. Many need a person with understanding and some experience. One of the most difficult parts of rescue is finding the right home for each horse. It can often take years.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Are you ready to take on the challenge of a horse that requires experience, understanding and focused attention? The rewards of developing that unique and special relationship can make the challenge worthwhile!