Breed: Standardbred

Age: 15

Sex: Gelding



Good for Farrier: 

Health: No known issues

Notes: Although he arrived at the rescue last fall, he needed to time to put on weight and enjoy freedom for a while.  Dillinger recently started 30 days of training.  


I’m Dillinger, and my story almost reached a heartbreaking end.  The clock was ticking, and I had just a couple of days left before I was slated to ship off to slaughter.

Once, my friend Cooper and I worked hard for our owners, starting as racehorses. When victories turned to losses, we were sent to auction, marking the beginning of a series of unfortunate events. The Amish picked us up to serve as cart horses, trotting on unforgiving concrete roads until we became sore. Younger, stronger horses replaced us, and we were sent to auction again, falling into the clutches of a “kill buyer”.

But fortune smiled upon us. A place called “Before the End of The Line”, a destination with a name that hinted at the finality of our journey, became our unexpected sanctuary. The journey to freedom was made possible by the generosity of donors who heard our plea.

Now, thanks to the compassion that intervened in our darkest hour, Cooper and I have a second chance. We have traded the shadows of uncertainty for the warmth of love and care. It is a new chapter —one where worry takes a backseat, and the promise of a worry-free life awaits. These days I spend my time chilling and being loved-on at Phoenix Rising Equine Rescue, but I long for a home and herd of my own.

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