We are happy to have helped many of our rescues find loving forever homes.


rescue horse - BearBear arrived as a malnourished, stunted colt. In fact, he even had lice when he came.

He was badly in need of some good nutrition, lots of grooming and time to catch up on some growth. 

Bear has an extremely sweet disposition, is a lovely mover and a quick learner. He is going to develop into quite a nice riding and show horse.

He has been trained on the longe line and has been lightly started under saddle

Bear found his forever home as a companion to a young horse named Corgara. He plays in big pastures with trees and beautiful run-ins with Corgara and his mother, Front.

rescue horse

Bear’s new home

 They have a brand new barn with 12′ x 15′ stalls for the inclement weather. 

Since Bear loves treats, making friends and playing with the other horses he is a very lucky boy!


rescue horse - ZenaZena is a recent addition to the rescue. She came because she had a problem with her front foot.

Her owner had tried, without success, to correct it. If we were unable to take her she was going to have her euthanized.

We have been able to treat her and make her comfortable with the help of our blacksmith and veterinarians.

Zena is a very safe and confident horse and behaved quite well in the Labor Day Parade as you can see in her picture!

She was adopted by a teenage girl and her family and now lives with them at their home in Ohio. We miss Zena but are happy that she has a loving forever home.


rescue horse - KiraKira arrived at the rescue three years ago. We were begged to take her in because someone who cared very much about her was worried about her fate.

She is sweet and kind and wants to teach everyone about caring and acceptance. Kira is almost completely blind, seeing only shadows from her right eye.

She lost her sight after a recurring series of infections that left her with major scarring in her eyes.

Kira loves being part of the team and enjoys grooming and treats!

horse barn

Kira & Justin checking out their new barn!

She became well loved and cared for by her special friends Amy and Nicole. When Amy and her husband bought a house with some property, they prepared a place to take Kira home to.

A horse that I thought would be with us forever is in a permanent, loving home. There isn’t a luckier horse anywhere!

rescue horses - Justin



Justin came to the rescue because he was no longer needed at the farm he was at. He was scheduled to go to a sale if no one wanted to buy him.

A woman that loved him, but was unable to own him, bought him and asked if we could take him in to prevent him from being sold at auction.

We were happy to be able to accommodate him at the rescue.

Justin did well here and was wonderful for all levels of riders from first-time to advanced. He is a favorite of everyone that works with him…not to mention handsome and talented.

Justin was adopted along with Kira and spent over a year in a loving new home with his new family and his companion, Kira. Sadly, one of his legs gave out and he became unable to stand. He was humanely euthanized and buried at his new home. He will be forever in all of our hearts.