Rescue Horses

Meet Our Rescue Horses

Watch this short video for an introduction to some of our rescue horses:

Current Rescue Horses


rescue horse - Cari



Cari was an unwanted yearling pony bound for an unhappy ending. When we heard about her we knew we had to rescue her.

 She seemed to be a little worried about being handled and not sure what to expect from people but has settled in nicely.

 Cari loves treats. At first she didn’t know what they were but now she is familiar with carrots, apples, cookies and peppermints!

With gentle handling and TLC, Cari will make a wonderful pony. She is currently longeing in a saddle, bridle and side reins. 

In the spring Cari will be 4 years old and will begin her under saddle training.

rescue horse Daisy



Daisy is an older mare that was abandoned by her owner, was traded to a horse dealer and on her way to auction.

She was very despondent, yet still had that spark deep down inside.

Daisy has lost the sight in her right eye but trusts her rider to take care of her.

She has put lots of weight back on, excels at jumping and shows the potential to be a very nice show horse. When she trusts you she gives 100%.

In her free time Daisy enjoys rolling in the grass and mud!

rescue horse Buddy

Buddy is an adorable guy!


Buddy came to the farm from Camelot Feed Lot in New Jersey. We were able to rescue him and another horse just before they were taken to slaughter.

Buddy was a sweet boy that just had not really had any training and was an “extra”, unneeded horse. Because of that he was sent to auction, where no one purchased him.

With Erin’s help, Buddy has been a quick learner. He enjoys working and being ridden and always hopes that he will be the one that is “chosen” to ride.

Buddy is curious, enjoys getting treats and going out to play with his friends!


rescue horse Molly

Molly when she arrived

When Molly arrived at the rescue she was at least two hundred pounds underweight.

The girls that had owned her previously could not afford to feed her properly and didn’t know what to do with her. They sold her to a horse dealer. 

rescue horse Molly

Molly today

He offered her to the rescue because she was in no shape to be sold. 

With some food and TLC Molly slowly regained her weight and her energy! She has become a different horse from when she arrived.

Molly loves treats and attention and being out with her “horse friends”.

rescue horses - Buttons

Buttons & Dixie


Buttons is an older pony whose owners no longer wanted him.

He is semi-retired here at the rescue.

He has a sweet disposition and is wonderful for pony rides and small beginner children.

Buttons loves being groomed, getting treats and grazing with his buddies.

rescue ponies

Buttons & Zippers – partners in crime!

His “bestest” friend was our rescue goat, Dixie. They lived together and shared everything!

After Dixie passed on, we moved Buttons in with Zippers and now the two troublemakers are seldom apart!

rescue pony

His middle name is trouble!


Zippers came to the farm as a boarder. The person that brought him showed up for the first week and then we never saw her again!

He is currently being cared for by the rescue and is as cute as can be…and also somewhat naughty!

He and Buttons are inseparable. They even share a stall!


Boo is with the rescue due to muscle tearing that happened during his birthing process.

rescue horse Boo

Boo at a dressage show

While not outwardly visible, the damage that was done to his muscles makes him drag his right front toe.

With proper shoeing and physical conditioning Boo is able to be ridden and shown but is not suitable as a sale horse. He needs an experienced rider that can help him compensate for his unique physical challenges!

Boo loves playing with people and other horses and enjoys being trained and ridden.


Sahara was brought to the rescue as a pregnant 4 year old. She found herself without a home after the death of her owner.

rescue horse Sahara

Sahara the day we met her

In order to keep her from going to auction she was purchased by the rescue.

Sahara is a pretty chestnut quarter horse with a beautiful flaxen mane and tail.

She gave birth to a beautiful paint foal, “Winter” or “Winnie” on the coldest day of the year, it was minus three degrees! We worked very hard to keep the barn warm during a long cold snap.

rescue horses

Sahara & Winnie

Sahara and Winnie were weaned and Sahara is now on training to become a riding horse. She enjoys hanging out with Molly…the two have become good friends!

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 Ruby is an older ranch pony. She came to the rescue to prevent her from going to auction.

rescue pony Ruby

Beautiful Miss Ruby

Ruby was extremely underweight and had horrible dental problems.

Our equine dentist says with a few visits several months apart he should be able to get her mouth in reasonably good shape.

She has proven to be very good with kids and great at pony rides.

Her kind disposition and willing attitude have made Ruby a favorite in the barn!

rescue horse Winnie

Winter is a sweet, lovely filly

WINTER (Winnie)

Winnie is a lovely little girl that was born here at the rescue after her mother, Sahara, was saved from going to auction.

She was born on the coldest day of the winter…it was minus degrees! We hadn’t expected to see her for another month as both of our vets thought she would come late March, early April.

rescue horses

Winter & Summer being a bit naughty!

Winter has the same quiet, sweet disposition as her mom. She has grown so much in the past year and now has a “little sister,” Summer, that we brought to the farm so that Winnie would have a companion her own age.

She became quite depressed when she was weaned and as hard as we tried we couldn’t find a suitable playmate here. The two have become very close and it warms our hearts to watch them  play together!

rescue horse CaliCALI

Cali was a race horse that was just too slow. However, since she was “well bred” it was decided that she would be a broodmare.

What a surprise it was when as a broodmare she ended up having slow babies! Since she didn’t produce winning racehorse babies she wasn’t useful to her owners and they no longer wanted her.

Cali has been doing well in training here at the rescue. She has very good jumping form and has schooled cross country.

Despite being slow on the race track Cali isn’t a “deadhead” under saddle. She is sensitive and needs a somewhat experienced and tactful rider. She has excellent manners and enjoys attention and being brushed.

rescue hoprse Oliver

Oliver schooling cross-country


Oliver is a handsome chestnut Thoroughbred gelding that competed as a jumper on the “A” Circuit until he injured a hind leg playing in the paddock.

His owner didn’t have the room or time to put into Oliver’s rehab. He was planning on euthanasia.

We felt that Oliver deserved the chance to heal and see what level of riding he could return to.

After almost a year off, resting and healing, Oliver has returned to regular riding, some jumping and has even competed in some low level eventing.

He would be a great partner for an intermediate-advanced rider as he is an energetic, forward thinking horse.

Oliver is a friendly, curious guy that likes to keep busy!

rescue draft horse

Diesel is a true “gentle giant”


When Diesel came to us he was emaciated, had extremely bad, abscessed feet and chronic lymphangitis. At one point we thought that he wasn’t going to make it.

Thankfully, with the help of our vet and farrier, and with lots of attention and care, Diesel began to regain his health.

Along with his health this handsome Belgian gelding has gained lots of weight and now is working on fitness and keeping a nice, trim figure!

Diesel is a huge favorite with everyone that meets him and is gentle enough to be ridden by young children. He even jumps smaller jumps, does riding lessons and shows at some of the horse shows!

rescue horse Ivan

Ivan during quarantine


These three are our most recent rescue horses. We were made aware of circumstances where many horses were bound for slaughter.

We checked the situation out and decided we would try to save Ivan, as he was said to be a 17 yeas old Morgan and looked to be “off” on his right front leg. It seemed that he would be the least likely to be “bailed out.”

rescue horse Harley

Harley really needs to get busy eating

Bailey was also in the same circumstances and due to the generosity of many people we were able to bail both of them out.

Bailey is a sweet, 12 year old Thoroughbred mare. We have no idea what either of their backgrounds are nor why they ended up in a kill pen.

Harley was at a different feed lot than Ivan & Bailey.

His sweet, willing nature and soulful eyes caught the attention of a worker there and she took, and posted, pictures that brought him to our notice.

rescue horse Bailey

Sweet Bailey

The pictures we have of these three are very different from what they will look like in a few months.

They are done with quarantine, have been wormed and have appointments with the dentist, vet and farrier. We can hardly wait to see them blossom.

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