The Rescue Horses


Daisy is a 22 year old mare that was abandoned by her owner, was traded to a horse dealer and on her way to auction. She was very despondent, yet still had that spark deep down inside.

She has lost sight in her right eye but she has remained ride-able and is happiest when she has a “job” to do.


Oliver was an accomplished show jumper until he bowed a tendon running around out in a paddock. A bowed tendon takes 6 months to a year to heal properly.

Not knowing what level of performance Oliver would return to, his owner did not have the room or time to invest in him.

The rescue took him in to prevent him from being euthanized. Oliver has been able to return to riding and enjoys having “work” to do.

He needs a rider with some experience as he is an energetic horse. Oliver is very sweet to be around


Ruby is an older ranch pony. She came to the rescue to prevent her from going to auction.

Ruby was extremely underweight and had horrible dental problems.

Our equine dentist says with a few visits several months apart he should be able to get her mouth in reasonably good shape.

Her kind disposition and willing attitude have made Ruby a favorite in the barn!

Winter got her name because she was born on the coldest day of the year. Her mom, Sahara, was rescued as a pregnant 4 year old with no home and nowhere to go.

Both of our vets thought she would probably be born late March/early April. Imagine our surprise when we went out to feed the horses February 16th, in minus 3 degree temps and found a small, still wet bundle of joy in Sahara’s stall!

Gus was a show horse at a hunter/jumper barn until he had an accident and was discarded.

Someone took him in but was unable to get medical help for him or keep good weight on him.

 Gus is 12 years old and has a very friendly, happy personality and makes friends easily.



At just two years old Oscar was sent to auction and ended up in a kill pen.

He was almost feral, very nervous about everything and didn’t even know how to lead.

Oscar has made some great progress but still has a long way to go. We hope he will come to completely trust people.

He arrived as an un-neutered colt. He has been gelded and is now safe to be turned out with mares. He is very happy to be able to be out with his “besties”, Gemma and Raven.


Bea was brought to the rescue because her owner was fearful of riding her. She had rescued her from a neglectful situation. Bea was very thin and her teeth were in horrible condition.

Although things went well at first, once Bea began to gain weight and condition she became more difficult to handle and ride.

The rescue was asked to take her in.

One of our girls is currently working with Bea to see if she can become a lesson horse.


Cari was an unwanted yearling pony bound for a very unhappy ending.

When we heard about Cari we knew we had to rescue her.

She seemed to be a little worried about being handled and not sure what to expect from people but has settled in nicely.

Cari loves treats. At first she didn’t know what they were but now she is familiar with carrots, apples, cookies and peppermints! Cari is currently in training.


Buttons is an older pony whose owners no longer wanted him.

He is semi-retired here at the rescue.

He has a sweet disposition and is wonderful for pony rides and small beginner children.

Buttons loves being groomed, getting treats and grazing with his buddies.

His best friend is our other rescue pony, Zippers. They live together and share everything!


Zippers came to the farm as a boarder. The person that brought him showed up for the first week and then we never saw her again!

He is currently being cared for by the rescue and is as cute as can be…and also somewhat naughty!

He and Buttons are inseparable. They truly are the “Dynamic Duo.”


Lucky has been with us for many years.

She had been trained to race, used as a broodmare, gone through an auction and lived in a field with cows.

Lucky tries her hardest in a variety of disciplines; placing in hunter, jumper and eventing shows.

She also loves her name! In her free time she enjoys eating treats and teaching beginners how to ride.


Sahara was part of an unfortunate situation that left her; a beautiful, four year old pregnant mare, homeless. She hadn’t even been halter broke until just two weeks before we met her.

Despite her lack of handling or training she has one of the calmest, most pleasant dispositions we have ever encountered.

Her baby, Winter, was born February 16th and Sahara was a wonderful mother. She will soon be ready for training as a riding horse!


Trixie is in need of an experienced owner. She is a beautiful 13 year old bay quarter/pony mare.

She has been lightly shown in hunters, jumpers, dressage and eventing.

She is bold and assertive so she needs someone with horse experience. She can be ridden by an intermediate rider under a trainer’s supervision.


Jelly Is a beautiful bay pony mare that lost faith in people. We are working to slowly rebuild her trust.

It is going to be a long process but will be well worth the effort. Being out of her past environment is already having a calming effect.

She is currently being longed under saddle with the eventual goal of quiet, pleasant riding.


Sponsoring a horse is helping that horse by paying for some or all of its expenses.

Sponsoring can be a one-time donation or ongoing support.

The basic costs for a horse’s upkeep are for hay, grain, bedding, feeding and stall cleaning. This expense is $300 per month per horse

Horses  incur other expenses as well;

    They need to have their feet taken care of by a farrier every 6 weeks. If they just need a trim the cost is $40. If a horse wears just regular front shoes the cost is $90, all 4 shoes are $180 and if they need special or therapeutic shoeing the cost can end up being quite a bit more

Horses need their teeth maintained on a regular basis, usually annually. Depending on the work they need done this costs from $100 upward.

    All horses need some type of vet care, from exams and vaccinations through surgeries.

If you sponsor a horse’s basic expenses for 6 months or more you will receive a stall plate with you named as their sponsor and you will receive a photo of your sponsored horse.

Sponsorships are a wonderful gift to the rescue horses and greatly appreciated by the rescue.

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